Friday, April 21, 2006

Chocolate Goddesses

I know I proclaimed my excellencies over chocolate cake, so there was a reader response that deserves some attention. And by the way, who says you have to be a domestic goddess to be a good cook? Like my friend Chanelle says, some people are good at cooking food, eating food....but not necessarily cleaning up after themselves. I have historical proof. Weren't the Greek Goddesses our primary example of this- they were always creating dramatic disasters and not cleaning them up. I don't have my mother's Greek Mythology book to consult, but I think I've got the general jist of the Ancient World.
This morning after staying out late at a friends for dinner, I was woken up early (thank you, Travis, but the snuggle time does wake me up) and started the morning chores. Neglect on the home front can build up quickly, so I try to make some headway despite my work schedule. (Secret: my floor hasn't been mopped in a month) Other chores take precedence: the chickens need to be let out for their morning rendevous with the lawn, the garden watered, lunch made, projects monitored, emails to be read, and ....the mail collected.
In the mailbox, my mother sent me this card for Easter with a Nibby Bar. It made me laugh. Does anyone here not know what a Scharffen Berger Nibby Bar is? Apparently they have a cult following. So in the spirit of Greek goddesses always getting their way- here's the secret of getting one of these on regular basis. They are addicting, because they have little pieces of cocoa bean in 62% dark chocolate. Just sweet enough, just dark enough, and just enough caffiene. Its going in my lab coat pocket for that midafternoon slump. Not quite a registered dietician's banner message, but goddesses must have their way.


andrea said...

i can't say i've ever heard of that... but it DOES sound good!

Anonymous said...

However, as I taught you, Nora, great chocolate must either 1) of Dutch origin and/or accompanied by great almonds, walnuts, or pecans! We do love Nibby Bars, too!

We're actually having "chocolate Fridays" @ Sunrise in our group. Great diet plan....actually it does suppress the lunch appetite!

Love, Dad