Thursday, April 13, 2006

Some things must suffer...

Is it spring or summer? Arizona doesn't really have those wet spring months-- we just get the sunshine so I can't really say that I have a "Spring" or a "Summer" cold. Hopefully the sunshine and Vitamin D will do me good because I am home sick. It's a summer cold or at least a very sore throat. I woke up at 5:30 this morning with a terrible sore throat.
I was very glad that I pushed and got all my catch-up chores done last night before caregroup because I am on strict orders to stay quiet and rest today. So I did two hours of work this morning like emails and scheduling talks within the community. I am very excited about the contacts we are making in the existing community programs. I am talking with Headstart, Improving Chandler Area Neighborhoods (ICAN) and the Boys and Girls clubs here. There are so many child programs that we can partner with. It is very successful because there is both need, interest and suprise because our services are free....and anyone who know what program development is like, knows that when someone contacts YOU, it is another thing you didn't have to generate yourself.
It's no suprise I'm sick. All the physical strength it has been taking to do both events over the past few days, piggybacking that to working part-time and trying to keep up with both my husband and the house...somethings have to suffer. And I'm afraid that its me and the garden who are suffering.
I have been neglecting watering and weeding. Wehad a weak showing of corn from seed, the chicken has been at it again on the squash and our beans had a weak show as well (probably because they were another form of food for her). But the tomatoes look great. I think I will go get some other plants and work from there. Gardening from seed may have been a bit ambitious on the first go around.

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