Tuesday, April 18, 2006


We have had an uneventful couple of days. This is what happens when you live in a bubble. Right now, the bubble has been a pair of congested ears and an upset stomach. I have been fighting a cold since Thursday last, and Travis came down with a stomach virus on Monday.
We have been staying low key. I'm afraid our plans for an Easter picture with the chickens even failed. Yes, this is a boring blog, but I feel obligated to write something. So I've decided that we will highlight our neighbor's exciting life:
-We met Mike and Doreen's family on Saturday night for their Easter BBQ. We met her two week old granddaughter, Mike's daughter and her boyfriend, and Doreen's son Kolt & his wife.
-Kolt is a plumber and he was using Mike's bike equipment to fix the handlebars on their quad, which he broke flipping it.
-Mike and Doreen left for Hawaii for two weeks this morning; she's going for a nursing convention on guided imagery for surgery and he's going to tag along.
-We are doing their irrigation for them next week and they left us flowers on our doorstep this morning as a thank you.
-We harvested about 25 pounds of oranges from their tree; they are all going towards a second batch of marmalade.
-They told us we could cut all their roses while they were gone.
We also have been spending our time reading other people's blogs like Alivia's. She got to go home yesterday and we are praying that her white count stays down. We want her to stay home!

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