Saturday, March 18, 2006

Creamsicles and Fudgesicles

Which do you like better? The double orange tang of frozen juice around a creamy vanilla center, or the single dense cold fudgey delight of a fudgesicle?
The reason we mention popsicles is that a new exterior paint job involved picking between two favorite frozen treats: creamsicles or fudgesicles. The story began like this.
Our friend, Jonathon, was off for spring break and was willing to try his new spray paint gun on our house for a screaming deal. So, Jordan and I conferred on a paint color from the swatches and decided on a warm tan brown. Or so we thought. I drove home on Wednesday, eagerly anticipating a brightened, fresh new house. That was not the case. Hasn't someone ever told you that picking colors from a swatch can turn out dramatically different on a large surface? Yes, Jordan and I knew it was a risk, but we figured anything could be an improvement over the original color. This was not the case. Orangesicle is a great way to describe how our warm tan brown turned out on our little house.
So, seven trial pints later, we found a better choice: fudgesicle. Our house is now a warm creamy brown with white trim, and hopefully, some new natural walnut shutters to complement our door. Such is life's little decisions---who knew that a childhood favorite could have such real estate value?

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