Wednesday, March 29, 2006


The seeds had sprouted in the garden. Yes, we had squash..until the Wild Chick Duo took an amazing culinary tour of ALL the tender sprouts. Yum. So, Emily and I fought back with our Amazing Sister Duo and replanted with great hopes. However, it looks like they have found their wings too. So we will need to put the screens not just in front of the gate, but on top of the seeds until they sprout. Then I'll need to come up with another creative solution to succeed in Arizona gardening.
The chicks have also really sprouted up as well. Emily took pictures of the Amazing Eight-- they are molting into their adult feathers, they roost at night on a ledge, and they were out on their best behavior in the chicken yard without supervision on Monday. This week I am working alot, so they won't have play time until I can be nearby. The last thing I want is for my chicks to get eaten by a visiting cat.

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