Monday, March 20, 2006

Inquisitive Minds

Our friend, Luke, asked a follow-up question to "What comes first...the chicken or the egg?" post/question. He asked, "How often do they make an egg?" The answer is this: the reproductive cycle of a laying hen is 24-48 hours, depending on breed. And then, as newlyweds, we all chuckled at the thought of being that productive ourselves. Imagine the problems that would create.
Visiting season has already begun. The spring and (theoretical) warm weather will hopefully arrive on the tails of all of our expected visitors in the next few weeks. It has been quite chilly with clouds all last week and rain both weekends. But the sun came out today and it should warm up. We have alot of warm days ahead of us, so we aren't too eager to begin the warming trend.
We are enjoying visiting with our friends Luke and Christina Smart to start it all off. (The first visitors were actually my parents a few weeks ago) They arrived on Saturday morning from Baltimore and are staying until Thursday. Today they left for a little overnight trip to the Grand Canyon.
The things we are enjoying the most are the laughter and the medical stories. Luke is a second year med student, Christina is a pediatric nurse at Johns Hopkins and I have just recently started working at Chandler Regional hospital. And Travis wishes he could be a doctor! So, we enjoy swapping all of our stories and laughing at the ridiculous nature of inquisitive medical minds. There are plenty of questions to ask and plenty of answers to be found. Anything we don't know, we Google.
This morning we decided to eat the eggs instead of theorize about them. Yum- farm breakfast with fresh eggs and toast and jam. What a great way to start a week off.

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