Saturday, March 11, 2006

A Sick Day

It is somehow a strange phenomenon. I would love to do a study on the psychological effect of mothers leaving their children and the incidence of minor illnesses. Ever since I was little, whenever my mom would go on a trip, I would come down with something: a migrane, a flu, a major cold. And even 3000 miles away, my Mom went to Ocean City, and I find myself in the same state: sick.
Its the right kind of sick day too-- after waiting over 3 months, Phoenix has some rain. It hasn't stopped raining today and apparently, it is supposed to continue through tommorrow. My backyard looks like I irrigated it. It sets the mood for a sick day: gray, cold and misty.
I am eating all white foods today: rice, bananas, crackers, ginger ale. I felt better after eating rice this morning and so off I went to pick up my Southeast Valley CoOp box. I joined a coOp to save money-- and it is such a bargain! Fifteen dollars got me a huge laundry basket of produce-- enough for Travis and myself for two weeks. Strawberries, avacados, lettuce, grapes, eggplant, carrots, and so much more. It even came with cilantro. So with a bunch of soft pears I made some Cinnamon Carrot & Fruit Muffins.
So, we are all hunkered down for the night here-- Travis is getting the movies, and we are going to get under the covers and have a movie night.

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