Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rain Miracles

Wonderful things happen when it rains--the grass perks up, the mountain views return, the country dust settles and spring begins.
I had my own little miracle-- my husband stayed home all day on Saturday. I told him it was, despite being sick, my favorite weekend since we've returned from our honeymoon.
We even had enough rain to cancel irrigation, so instead I get to watch the sunshine warm the earth and push those garden seeds up.
The rain we had was accompanied by cold temperatures, almost 20 degrees cooler here in the East Valley. Up north, they had another miracle. All of North Scottsdale and the surrounding mountains had snow. Arizona might be the desert but occasionally miraculous circumstances collide and we have snow. One such snowy weekend last January was such. I came here on my first trip out to Arizona and we were in Prescott and it snowed twelve inches. That was magical in its own right-- but that had more to do with love than weather.

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