Thursday, March 02, 2006

Love Birds

There are several pairs of morning doves that live in my trees. Right now one pair is sitting on my pasture fence, necking eachother. They are silhouetted against the morning sunshine as another day dawns here in Queen Creek. Did you know that mourning doves are monogamous; they mate for life?
This is another reflection of how God, our Creator, is visible through his creation. Glynn Mackenzie was remarking last night in our class at church on how before the Fall, God created us with intelligence and a desire to understand His world. And as we discover how a plant grows by seeing its roots, we realize as we go deeper and deeper into scientific exploration, we see that God is inexhaustible in wisdom. I love science and I love nature. One of my joys here in Queen Creek is to discover how God is at work all around me in the new animals, new landscapes and new faces.
I see a reflection of that wise love in nature, and in my mourning doves. Travis and I have been married for two months now, and everyday we are discovering and uncovering God's wisdom in bringing us together.

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