Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Deals and Steals

T minus 10 days until the dinner party. Ten minus seven = 3. That's how many chairs we were without. I hate folding chairs. Dilemma: Money. Destination: Goodwill. Saturday was a 50% off sale; and, yes, Goodwill can have sales too.
Have you ever been to a Goodwill store? It is an affront to all the senses. From the moment that the sliding doors inch back, you are assaulted with sights smells and sounds that you would normally avoid: the lingering stale body odor, the dust and dirt everywhere, even the very idea that it is a warehouse of things no one wanted. But deals are deals. And steals, on the other hand, are just plain better.
I had scoped out the scene the day before, to do some recon before I dragged my husband along. When we finally arrived at our first stop, it was clear this sale was no joke. The store was cleaned out and people were hauling away bags of items. No chairs were left that I had seen the day before. Same with the second store.
But on the third, we were more than just lucky. You know how mothers pray to find a parking spot at the mall and then they always pull around the lane just as someone in the first five cars is pulling out? Same deal. I prayed. I will convert willingly to these kinds of prayers made in faith if they turn up result like this.
At the third and final stop I reckoned this idea may not turn out as successful as I had anticipated. But in the back corner of furniture, there sat 4 chairs not present the day before. At first we didn't think we could afford them; they were each marked 59.95-- even with the discount, three of them would have been a little pricey, that is, for Goodwill purchases. But then the brilliance of my husband shined forth-- the price tag had a little word "set" on it. Sweet! Four chairs for $30. Can you beat that? And they are beautiful-- no painting or refurbishing needed (much to my relief)-- turned wood, slat back and woven rattan seats. An old lady in the parking lot commented, "You all got some beautiful chairs there, honey. They just don't make them that way anymore. You all really got yourselves a deal."

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