Friday, June 30, 2006

Road Trip Vignettes

We started off on the right foot-- prayer, coffee-- good combination, right? A guaranteed knock-out one, two punch for spiritual success and intelligent execution. We forgot our passports. Acutal departure time: 9:22a. A little later than anticipated. We then stopped in Tuscon for another cup of coffee. O well.
On another note, we had fabulous conversation and no conflicts, which was another small victory for us, considering that our last roadtrip we "discussed issues" for 6 hours straight on the way home from San Diego about a year ago... we were grateful for the difference a year makes.

Welcome to Texas! Our trip ended after a drive through the cloudy dessert to greater heights than we imagined. Welcome to Texas means Welcome to the Alcantars. We enjoyed fabulous hospitality from our old acquaintances, now new friends who live on the west side of El Paso on the side of the mountain. The view was amazing, especially at night where Travis and I looked out over our own private balcony over the El Paso and Juarez city lights.

Before we left, Becky warned me that road trips are always an adventure because you have to be prepared for adventure. "Constant change is here to stay" to borrow from the Covenant Life motto. We received a call from the orphanage to hear reports of disease and illness that made the team decide to change their original dinner plans, where we were going to meet up with Emily and the gang at Cattleman's Steakhouse. So, on a recommendation, we tried a steakhouse a little closer to town-- to say the least we had six hours to dream of a good Texas "steak" dinner.

When we pulled up to the restaurant, it was on the side of the highway between El Paso and Las Cruces. Not impressive by any outward show, but the Alcantars had raved. So we sat down and ordered from a beef-filled menu -- I got the marinated sirloin kabob and Travis, a 3/4 pound sirloin steak. We enjoyed a new adventure as well, because apparently Hatch, New Mexico is the capital of chilies, so we enjoyed roasted green chilies on top of our steaks. Middleway through the dinner, Travis raved in a suprised voice how tender his steak way, and that he didn't even need a knife. So I reached over and took a bite. It certainly was tender. Tender like a hamburger. He asked the waitress to come over. She confirmed. It was a steak, a chopped sirloin steak. I told Travis, "Honey I think that's the most expensive hamburger you've ever seen!"

Other highlights:
  1. Seeing Nacho Libre in a crowded El Paso theatre at 9:30p with a "sympathetic" crowd
  2. Making breakfast for dinner for 60 people on one stove
  3. Spicy hot chocolate and tea at The Greenery, an awesome grocery store in a mall.
  4. Making memories as newlyweds.
  5. Storms and trains coming across the plains at the same time
  6. Coffee with John David Maresco
  7. RAIN!!!

Being cared for by my husband who in every way tries to bless me.

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