Saturday, June 03, 2006

Saturday Mornings

What could be better... to wake up, go running, and then come back for a delicious cup of coffee while your Coffee Chocolate Chip Muffins from Frog Commissary are baking?? Travis and I got up early this morning and both worked out. We are very excited about this because Travis' back has been so bad that he hasn't really worked out in over 7 months. So, he's now on the "Navy Seals" program-- lots of pushups and situps and pullups-- and I'm doing the running part for him. They finally figured out that his high arches and overpronation was causing all his lower back pain. Go figure it was the feet!?
Around here, you have to get up and get going early before it gets too hot. Yes, everyone is probably wondering what the weather has been like. My answer must be in a comparision. According to a reliable source, the weather in DC has been hot and humid-- my mother said "Its like the dog-days of August are here already" (June 1, 2006). We have heat, yes. But we don't have that humidity. The hardest part is that it doesn't cool off in the evenings that much.
So, everyone gets up early here. At 7 am, my neighbor was vaccuuming out her car and several lawn mowers were already in full tilt. I on the other hand get the oven going early to get it done.
I also had to sneak in a slice of my delicious Sourdough Bread while I was baking. Kudos go to Joy of Cooking... EVERY recipe I have tried out of that cookbook has been perfect. Especially the bread section. The sourdough bread tasted even better than the "bakery" kind we used to get from Safeway....remember that bread, Peter? My mom would go shopping every two weeks and we loved that bread. This kind is just as chewy and soft and mildly sour. It took two days to make, but it was worth it. This was a bread for me....later, maybe a post on the "Ice Cream Adventures"... I purchased a Cuisinart ice cream maker for $5-- brand new in the box...banana chocolate almond, here we come...

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iamchanelle said...

and MAN were those muffins GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! thanks for making those today, girl. you are my new best friend. (yes, the way to my heart...)