Thursday, June 15, 2006

My job

Most people probably don't know what I really do for work---everyone knows I'm a registered dietitian but what does that mean? Sometimes I work at the hospital, but for these 9 weeks, I am teaching nutrition to low-income kids within summer camp programs in the valley. This week was especially a lot of work, but in the end, very rewarding. Not only did my boss announce she is leaving for another hospital but the director of Community Benefits also announced he was leaving.
So, here I was with almost 200 kids and a commitment to educate, with no funding. So I got on the phone and with (bold) faith, called all the local grocery stores. We got a large amount of funding for fresh fruits and vegetables--one donated a large amount of Red Delicous Apples, another a case of Navel Oranges and still another 20 pounds of baby carrots. Here are some pictures from my 10.5 hour day on Tuesday.

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