Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

On Sunday morning during our seven minute break in service, the Shank kids were standing around near me. I had just finished telling Jordan about Travis' Father's Day card, which congratulated him on our expanding flock. A few minutes later, he turned to Janelle who had just come back from children's ministry and said, "Janelle, did you know that Travis got a Father's Day card?" Her face dropped. Her jaw dropped. What came out of her mouth was priceless, "WHAT!! You didn't tell me!" she exclaimed. I quickly clarified; "Chickens, my dear. Chickens. Not children." Not a nice joke;but a good one. Sometimes there are softballs you just have to take the oppurtunity to hit out of the park... Jordan may not be the sportman but he sure did hit one in the strike zone.

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good one. :)