Thursday, May 18, 2006


There are only 3 foods I know I don't like: organ meats, papaya a third. Thanks to Chuck Nam for an awesome dinner at Sapporo-- a Japanese sushi bar-- and a new food to add to the list. On a plate filled with sashimi there was a roll with some very dark orange pink, almost salmon colored, roll that looked like it was an oyster. I put it in my mouth to have a burst of salty ocean-like oyster without the chew. Turns out it was sea urchin. Too much for me. Guess I wasn't meant to be an Asian-- and I can only say that because Chuck, who is Korean, said that. Guess I'll be content to be Dutch.

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bjan said...

nora, don't worry...sea urchin is an aquired taste...some people like me have it...and some people like you just don't. It's ok