Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Taming of the Shrew

Tina, our resident hen, has been tamed. Yes, tamed. But not completely. She sleeps in the coop now (again) and is definitely subdued into submission. It is quite a sight to see her tend to her new found husband, the red rooster. We still do not have a name for him. The red chickens remain aloof from naming. Maybe its the distance between us; as adopted chickens, they don't quite have the same pull on our emotional naming connection.
In other news, Travis is taming another shrew--the land-- and by that I mean the dust. This is quite a feat here in the desert. He is giving our lovely Hyundai a washing before we go out for a night on the town. Our friend Chuck Nam is in town and he is taking us out to dinner in Scottsdale for... drum roll please... sushi. Yea! Lean fish on fresh clean rice with salty soy sauce and crisp ginger and take-your-breath-away wasabi. What could be more delicious?
We don't have much else going on this weekend here on the ranch; Travis is going to hold down the fort while I go away for a little trip to Maryland. Emily is going to tame another beast- the piano- in her final performance as a student of her teacher Svetlana Gorenman. With a name like that, you can probably imagine what kind of Russian teacher she makes. She has been a wonderful teacher. Demanding, but excellent in all she does. Emily has stayed with her for over 10 years now. Svetlana is in her late 60s and when she and her husband immigrated she supported then through her teaching. She is battling cancer and Emily is one of her oldest and most accomplished students. It will be a wonderful performance, I can be sure.

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