Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A day in the park.

Travis and I celebrate Memorial Day with a picnic in the park at Tempe Town Lake after church on Sunday. Since our honeymoon, we haven't been able to have a concentrated time together except for one rainy, sick day in March. We had attended a timeshare promotional tour a few weeks back and received a free overnight at the Fiesta Inn here in Tempe. We took the oppurtunity to take a little time for ourselves over the holiday Monday. We hosted our party late into Friday night and then Travis worked all Saturday from 7 am until 6 pm, so we decided that Sunday and Monday were ours. We scrambled out the door on Sunday morning, bags packed, food packed, and headed off to fill in for Sunday school teachers who were all at New Attitude. After church, we sped off to Tempe.

These past few days have been perfect weather. It hasn't hit 100 and the evenings have been remaining cool-- down into the 70s. It hasn't quite reached the stage of heat that Jeremy White calls "like as if God turned a hairdryer on you". We enjoyed the sunshine and shade and talked away the afternoon before heading over to the pool at the Fiesta Inn. Its an old hotel but they had recently updated their room decor so it was pleasant. We had a pool and silence and books for a whole afternoon before we went to dinner at Grimaldi's. We polished off a whole small crispy crusted coal oven baked pizza and then I had the pleasure of trying my first Sugar Bowl ice cream sundae. I have to admit this little secret. My one weakness-- I have to say that McDonalds sundaes are still my favorite. Don't ask me why, but they still top most other sundaes.

Monday we enjoyed sleeping in and having a late breakfast at Einsteins Bagels and reading interesting segments of the paper to eachother. Then it was back to the pool for some more rays and relaxation. A wonderful weekend that we thoroughly enjoyed...and needed. Travis also led us in a wonderful time of recounting God's mercies toward us, helping us to grow over the past 5 months of marriage.

At the park.

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iamchanelle said...

how fun is THAT??? so glad you got to get away!

Clint proposed to me at Tempe Town Lake...on a cool night in January, when there were still Christmas lights strung up everywhere, reflecting off the water - it was so pretty.

We go back there all the time for picnics - love it!