Thursday, May 25, 2006

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Early dinner in Baltimore with friends. Breakfast in Gaithersburg. A quick jaunt to DC for lunch. Dinner over Texas. Late night fries at In & Out on Stapley Road. Hopping around this vast country of ours makes me realize that good things happen when you travel.
I am reminded that distance doesn't really matter, life is shorter than you think, and time develops quickly in your life. Ultimately, there is only daily delight in small things. Maybe its the maturity of age coming upon me, but I am starting to have that "heavenly perspective" and a clearer hope in the future glory Paul talks about so freely.

I visited Gaithersburg over the weekend and saw all the babies from birth to almost six months, who changed so quickly. I got home and I recieved a letter from my dear friend in Australia ( She wrote that she visited a friend we met together in Cambridge, England over six years ago. I couldn't believe it had been six months nor six years. A cute notecard also arrived from an ancient "aunt" in California who was the original matchmaker of my dad's parents. She is in her late 80's perhaps 90's and yet she still writes profuse letters detailing all her life and goings on in the same city my Oma lived in California over seventy years ago. I also learned that grass grows while you're gone too...Everything in a short amount of time. That proverbial "blink of the eye".

So much to be grateful for, why let it pass us by? Take a seat. Consider all those who have known and love you around the world.

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iamchanelle said...

welcome home, nora!

sounds like a great time. you have me thinking of all those i am thankful for - thanks for the perspective! :)