Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Do you recognize me? No, I'm not going undercover across the border. Not quite the "California" look that everyone goes for here on the West Coast, but more than half the people who comment say, "I like it!" I've always wondered if I'd look like Mom if I was a brunette; those dreams of jet black hair came close to true last Tuesday when I had it done. The jury is still out; it may be lighter by Friday when the stylist looks at it to determine if its washed out enough (I've been trying my darndest).


Anonymous said...

interesting...but honestly, it looks pretty good's definately the darkest i think you've ever gone before

Leeteam said...

Well I don't think you look like your mom but the brunette look is okay;however, being of "blonde" origin, I think you look better as a blonde. But change is always fun. Since I've been a light blonde, strawberry-closer to red blonde and dark/light brown blonde.
love ya. auntie boo

iamchanelle said...

so cute, nora!

i am all about something new!!!!


Tali Kauflin said...

I like it! I just colored my hair dk brown a well... change is good! Love ya dear!