Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

As a wife I now have a deeper understanding of the duties of a woman for her man. I have a unique seat watching the marriages play out in so many godly women. I've been watching my mother as well as countless other women care, serve, laugh and cry in their marriages for 25 years. Now I am caring, serving, laughing and crying along my own way.
I also want to highlight the mothers who I admire. I respect my mother for never refusing to grow in every season and challenge with her children. I admire my new friends, Chanelle, who gets up at 5:15 every morning with Arianna, so she doesn't wake up her brother. I admire Tina who laughs and lets most things roll off her back-- and with five boys under eight, there's a lot of rolling. I admire my grandmother who still cares for her son Chris at home with great patience. I respect Janis for the way she sacrifices to let her husband travel for the spread of the gospel. I respect my friend Emily, who is watching her daughter writhe in pain as they continue to test her for leukemia. I respect all my friends who now have children: Janelle, Tali and Megan. I have seen so many sides of grace in motherhood. And now with my eyes set on my own, not-so-distant future, I am in awe. (And for those of you wondering, I'm not pregnant.)
I am just aware of the special grace in mother's lives.
To those of you who read this: I love and respect you! Happy Mother's Day from Travis & me.


Peter said...

Amen, well said sis.

iamchanelle said...

nora, you are incredibly kind. thanks so much for this post - it could not have been a more timely encouragement for me!
now, i think i need a nap...