Saturday, May 06, 2006

Can't get enough

They say chickens are stupid but I don't think mine are.

I watched my chickens run across the yard when they saw me through the window this morning. They are all hungry because our new rooster, Arnie, is pestering all the other chickens, guarding the food for his two hens. I adopted them from someone down the road. They are adjusting to life in the country. The rooster has just started to venture out beyond the coop. I am going to try and put some sanctions on their wanderings today by putting up some fencing, so that I can leave them outside without worrying about them.

The old hen hasn't started laying yet, but she's a project in and of herself. Tina hasn't laid any more eggs in her old nest-- I think she's too smart for that. The plan: Clip her wings, stick her in the coop and lock her up for a couple days to get her used to laying in the hen house.

First job: clean the coop.

Can you ever get enough of cool mornings with bright horizons, and even more chicken stories? Pictures to follow...

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Libby said...

did you ever in your wildest dreams think you'd be cleaning chicken coops and harvesting eggs?? =) How life takes such unexpected (at least to us!) turns...