Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday Night Parties.

Tina and Lory Brett, Calvin, Tongs & Kevin

Tongs & Lassiters Soccer crowd

We hosted a swarm of children, a crowd of adults and a few pets last night for our first "Queen Creek Friday Night Party". My childhood was filled with block parties that our neighbors took turns hosting. Their kind of party included beach chairs, music and liquor on the pavement. We would run around playing tag or catching fireflies, enjoying cool evenings.
Our evening was perfect weather-- a little cooler with a strong breeze. I had some food left over from Life 101 that no one wanted, so I made some out of it anticipating our party. We had chicken tacos with rice and beans along with a vat of chili. We served the requisite chips and salsa. A few side salads and some bread and we were set to go. It was such a joy to see little people running all around, chickens being chased and soccer being played on our green backyard. All in all, it was a wonderful time, capped off by a all-time favorite dessert of S'Mores.

Josiah Jagoda

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